We know that water-cooled bearing housing is very common, but how about a water-cooled turbine housing or water-cooled turbo exhaust housing? It is not commonly used.

Water-cooled turbine housing is usually applied for explosion-proof turbocharger for engines of equipment for coal mine, shale gas or oil field exploitation or boat engine.

When these engines are running under the particular environments, sparks and flames might be generated under high temperature. A turbine housing usually contributes larger amount of the overall heat, while a water-cooled turbine housing / water jacketed turbine housing has water runner structure for liquid coolant, which makes the turbocharger surface temperature less than 150°C to reduce the risk of an explosion greatly.

Below are some pictures of OTS water-cooled / water jacket turbine housing. OTS applies high quality standard for these housings.

water-cooled turbine housing

water-cooled turbo exhaust housing

water-cooled exhaust housing

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