7075-T6511-raw-materialBillet compressor wheel is becoming most popular in turbocharger world, either turbochargers for daily driving cars or for performance cars but turbo billet compressor wheel material differs among different companies. ABB uses aluminum 2A70, Garrett uses aluminum KOBELCO 2618-T6511, most of the billet compressor wheel manufacturers in China use domestic aluminum 7075 or 2618. We, OTS turbo also uses 2618-T6511 and 7075-T6511 from USA.

Which material is best among them? We think it is better to say which is the most suitable turbo billet compressor wheel material for you rather than which is the best. Because for common turbocharger aftermarket, clients need more economical products, domestic 7075 or 2618 is better choice, but for OEM turbocharger makers or these customers focusing on performance, they need more strength of extension or heat resistance of the billet compressor wheel. In this case, KOBELCO 2618-T6511 or USA brand 7075-T6511 is good choice for them.

OTS-your turbo manufacturing solution provider, not only supplies turbo billet compressor wheel of material domestic 7075 or 2618, but also mainly recommends KOBELCO 2618-T6511 or USA brand 7075-T6511. Below pictures of compressor wheel made of these two materials for your reference:

7075-T6511Aluminum billet compressor wheel
Garrett billet of KOBELCO 2618-T6

We also can use the same German DMU eVo 5-axis milling machine which produces original Garrett billet compressor wheels to mill billet for you. A video on the left shows how it works.

Then you may ask what is the difference of these two materials. Please find below testing result, it is a reference from link: http://www.epi-eng.com/piston_engine_technology/advanced_engine_materials.htm

By now, do you have a brief idea of which turbo billet compressor wheel material you need? Welcome to contact us if you have any requirement.