billet turbo back plateA billet turbo back plate is CNC machined out of one solid piece, material of which is cut from stock aluminum alloy round bar and intended to add more reinforcement or strength.

Why billet back plate?

When billet turbo back plate / seal plate / insert is used together with viton O ring, it helps keep boost pressure inside the turbo where it belongs, thus more sealing efficiency can be abtained. This leads to more boost and more horsepower!

Why viton O ring seal?

Viton O ring – Viton’s density of over 1,800 kg/m3 is significantly higher than most types of rubber (1,010-1,520 kg/m3).

OTS has its own machining centre to take care of the machining and control quality of billet turbo back plate.

Machining Centre
CNC Machined Back Plate Ring
Billet Aluminum CNC Machined Back Plate