We commonly know that there are two milling types for billet compressor wheel: face milling and point milling. Point milling billet compressor wheel is usually distinguished by lines on the surface of blades.

More information will be focused on point milling following in this article.
Why we choose point milling for compressor wheel?
Ball end cutter is applied to carry out point milling, it can mill compressor wheel with free shape blade, such as shape like “S” which is hardly realized by face milling.

How long it takes to point mill a billet compressor wheel?
It takes about 15 minutes to face mill a common size billet compressor wheel, while time of a point milling billet compressor wheel depends on compressor wheel size, blade shape and precision requirement.
The precision requirement of blade cusp height is about 0.2mm (gap about 0.8mm) of most point milling billet compressor wheel from China, it takes 1-1.5 hour to mill a common size compressor wheel.

Honeywell requirement of cusp height is 0.04 Max (Hub 0.25 Max), it takes about 8-10 hours to mill.

But it is not necessary that point milling billet compressor wheel must have obvious lines on the blade surface. It is also possible that a point milling compressor wheel has almost zero cusp height, it is usually applied to open new mould for casting compressor wheel, and the time of milling is about 15 hours.

So if you want to order billet compressor wheel from us, we are strongly recommend you to offer us 3D drawing or a solid sample as well as precision requirement.

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