GT28 Stainless Steel Turbine Housing V-Band A/R .64/.86

This popular GT28 stainless steel turbine housing is with V-band inlet and outlet, high precision machined, 3 different A/R are available.


GT28, GTX28, GT28R GTX28R series turbo

Turbine A/R Available

A/R .64
A/R .86


  • Rust resistant, better durability and longevity vs iron turbine housing
  • 33% turbocharger weight reduction vs iron turbine housing
  • Investment cast stainless steel for a beautiful, smooth interior and exterior
  • V-band inlet and outlet, no need of gaskets and bolts, no leaks and no broken bolts
  • Overall physical size is smaller than standard turbine housing, allowing it to fit in tight engine bays
  • Better heat control than cast iron
  • 360° pivoting of the turbo is possible

gt28 stainless steel turbine housing