If you are looking for a billet compressor wheel manufacturer, OTS is a very good choice. We have rich experience in aluminum billet compressor wheel impeller, we also offer titanium and stainless steel billet compressor wheel impeller.

Aluminum billet compressor wheel , we also name it as forged milled compressor wheel or forged machined compressor wheel. It is 5-axis CNC machined from a solid blank of aluminum. Other materials, such as titanium or stainless steel, are also optional, but we use aluminum alloy commonly because it is easier for mass production.

What is the advantage of billet compressor wheel?

  • Manufacturing benefits
    Billet compressor wheel provides turbo manufacturers much more flexibility in bringing new compressor designs to market. Casting process is expensive and time-consuming for low volume production, while billet designs can be manufactured in small runs very rapidly. This allows manufacturers to test a wide range of wheels and select the best.
  • With more strength
    The billet material can provide the essential strength and reliability at extremely high boost pressure. It also benefits for manufacturing process. The stronger billet material allows the designer to remove material around the hub without weakening the wheel, or potentially use a more aggressive blade profile to gain an airflow or efficiency advantage. 

Billet compressor wheel types OTS is offerring:

aluminum billet

Aluminum billet compressor wheel

Aluminum billet compressor wheel is commonly used for turbocharger (especially for performance turbocharger) and other industrial air compressor.

We apply aluminum 7075 for all turbocharger billet compressor wheel, unless clients have special requirement

The biggest 5-axis CNC aluminum compressor wheel we are capable to machine is Ø900mm for industrial.


titanium billet

Titanium billet compressor wheel

Titanium billet compressor wheel is stronger and boosts higher than aluminum billet. Reasons as below:

  • The rotation friction of a turbocharger with titanium compressor wheel and ball bearing is low. This benefits for high response.
  • The added weight of titanium can give more sustained power because the rotation speed is maintained.

Titaninum billet compressor wheels are usually for boat engine or industrial use. OTS usually machine it according to client’s sample or 3D drawing.


stainless steel billet

Stainless steel billet compressor wheel

Stainless steel billet compressor wheel is usually for industrial use.

OTS usually customize according to client’s requirement. The biggest compressor wheel / impeller OTS offers is Ø900mm


twin blade billet

Twin blade billet compressor wheel

Twin blade /double sided billet compressor wheel is not widely used, but OTS is still able and has experience to machine it with high precision.


Billet compressor wheel design and machining capability

We partner with professional and experienced turbomachinery engineers and CAD designers to deliver you engineering, manufacturing and design services.

We use advanced five-axis CNC machines from Japan and Germany to achieve high precision requirement. Read more about machining capabilities.