Turbochargers as well as turbo parts like turbine wheel and compressor wheel must meet strict requirements of package size, performances, reliability and throttle response. OTS partners with some of the most experienced turbomachinery design engineers in the industry to provide custom solution for your turbomachinery needs, and to deliver turbo product promise, whether it is a turbocharger used in everyday automobile, fans or an industrial turbo compressor.

Our engineers clearly understand multiple engineering disciplines, design iteration time to bring products to market sooner and the facts influence the performance of turbochargers and engines, so we can well design or improve the design of turbocharger and turbo parts to lift your performance.

OTS provide one stop service from design and engineering to manufacturing. We accept design of turbochargers and related parts applied for automotive vehicle engines as well as jet engines, whatever the jet pattern is turbine, ramjet or pulse jet. We even can design turbocharger for go kart and turbocharger for snow bike if there is a requirement.

OTS has the capability to design to customers’ specification or to work with an existing benchmark.turbomachinery design & engineering

Our engineers are able to perform aerodynamic, thermodynamic, structural and rotor dynamics analyses to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to suite the specific application.

OTS’s custom design service is capable of designing both radial and axial machines and their flow passages for optimum performance.

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Design Experience

 Billet compressor wheel and axial turbine wheel design for a well-known brand jet engine for model aircraft

CW with director
Billet Compressor Wheel / Impeller with Wedge Diffuser

Axial Turbine Wheel

design & simulation – CNC mould opening – Inconel713C precision casting

Design Improvement

The left compressor wheel is an old design while the right one is an improved design from us by modifying blade shape. The improved design results an increase of thrust by 9%!
CW design improvement

Application for Model Aircraft Pictures

aircraft model